The University of Maryland, College Park (UMD), the flagship institution of the University System of Maryland, and one of the nation's top-ranked public research institutions, takes advantage of its unique position just a few miles outside of Washington, D.C., to offer countless connections to academic programs, Nobel and Pulitzer Prize-winning faculty and the corridors of government. UMD advances knowledge, provides outstanding and innovative instruction, and nourishes a climate of intellectual growth in a broad range of academic disciplines and interdisciplinary fields.

The University of Maryland, College Park provides a student with an option to become a ‘Terp’ at The Universities at Shady Grove. The university offers superior academic programs, world class faculty and a conducive learning environment. The students can take advantage across many undergraduate (final two years), graduate and certificate programs. At the end of this enriching experience the students earn a University of Maryland, College Park degree. Our graduates and alumni have the potential to pursue professional education and launch themselves in great careers in high-demand fields.  

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