The safety of students, staff, faculty, and campus visitors is a top priority of the Universities at Shady Grove. The campus has 24/7 security personnel. They staff the information desk in Building III and patrol all buildings, grounds, and parking areas. They also provide escorts and monitor and record USG's extensive CCTV camera system. Contact the USG security personnel by dialing 6065 from any campus phone or 301.738.6065 from a cell phone or outside line. The campus is also served by police officers from the Montgomery County Police. These officers regularly patrol through the campus and respond to calls for police services.

Emergency and/or weather related closings

In the event of inclement weather or other emergency conditions, the USG community should follow delays and closure notifications for the "Universities at Shady Grove" rather than your individual USM institution. Closures and delay texts and emails will be sent over the e2Campus notification system, as well as being reported on local radio and television news stations. You may also call USG at 301.738.6000 for recorded updates related to closures or delays. You can sign up for the e2Campus system by going to Emergency/Information Alert Systems.