Where does my degree come from? What does it say on my diploma?

The Universities at Shady Grove (USG) is not a university itself, but rather a campus housing degree programs from 9 different Maryland public universities. The admissions requirements, curriculum and professors are all administered by the home institution, even though you are able to take all of your classes here in Rockville. As such, your degree is awarded to you by the university that offers your program, not USG, and your diploma will say that university’s name as well. 

Is it more cost effective to go to USG?

The tuition is the same as the home institution, but students attending programs at USG save by not spending money on room/board/commute and by being able to maintain current employment and family obligations. Students at USG also pay reduced fees to utilize the campus and have access to USG-specific scholarships in addition to scholarships offered by their home institution. Finally, undergraduate students who transfer from a community college to USG save greatly on the overall cost of a 4-year bachelor’s degree, given the less expensive tuition rates at community colleges coupled with the savings of staying close to home for the duration of the degree.

Is it easier to get into a program at USG? How do I apply?

Students apply directly to the university offering their program of interest. On the application, they simply indicate Shady Grove as their preferred campus. Admissions decisions are handled by the home institution’s admissions office, and the requirements are exactly the same as for those who’ve selected the main campus as their preferred location. For many programs, however, there are often more open spots for qualified students at the USG campus, and thus the acceptance rates for those who select USG may be somewhat higher.

Do I have to go to the main campus for services/classes/advising?

While you are still a student of your home university and free to utilize main campus services, everything you need to be successful as a student can also be found on USG’s campus, including advising, registration and financial aid assistance, career and internship opportunities, academic support, a library, gym, cafeteria, and a robust student life. All of your classes, while taught by professors employed by your home campus, will also be held on the USG campus. The only time you need to go to your main campus is to obtain your diploma if you choose to participate in the formal graduation ceremony.

Won’t I be missing out on campus life if I don’t go to the main campus?

Not at all! While attending a program at USG allows you to save money by living near home, our campus life is still bustling! There are over 50 student organizations, ranging from academic to social to athletic - and it's super easy to start your own. Our small class sizes and intimate campus allow students from all nine universities to feel part of the same close-knit community, as well as to quickly rise to leadership positions. Annual events like #USGFest, International Night, Leadership Bash, and Graduation Celebration further allow students to socialize and share their accomplishments, while the on-campus study rooms, gym, student lounge, and café give students plenty to do in between classes.

Are there scholarships available? If so, how do I apply for them?

In addition to scholarships offered by your home institution, you are also eligible for scholarships available specifically for students who enroll in a degree program on USG's campus. Students wishing to apply for these scholarships need to complete the USG General Scholarship application—which conveniently considers you for all scholarship opportunities offered at USG—and submit it online to the USG Office of Student Services. Students are also highly encouraged to apply for the many scholarship opportunities available through their home campuses.