Students attending programs at USG get the unique opportunity to interact with students attending nine Maryland public institutions. The exposure to inter-institutional student life makes the experience at USG yet another benefit. Our mission is to work in collaboration with our partner institutions to enrich the students' co-curricular experience while cultivating an active, enjoyable, and culturally inclusive campus environment.

The Macklin Center for Leadership and Communication provides numerous opportunities to enhance and refine leadership skills. Programs are intentionally designed so that participants can identify leadership strategies and skills that will allow them to improve critical thinking, foster collaborations, and develop into civic-minded and ethical leaders.

With our students' diverse needs and schedules in mind, we offer a range of programs from year-long cohort settings like the Student Council, to the self-paced online USGLeads Leadership Programs, to attending USGLeads Presents workshops. Throughout the year there are also many opportunities for our leaders to celebrate and network with one another during events like the spring Student Engagement Awards, Student Involvement Fairs, Student Appreciation Festival, and more.  With over 40 clubs and organizations at USG, there's something for everyone!

In addition to programs coordinated by the Macklin Center, USG offers many other leadership experiences like Student Bloggers, HireU Peer Leaders, and on-campus student employment. To view more information on all of the opportunities, please be sure to check out the links below.

Here are just a few ways to become ENGAGED in STUDENT LIFE at USG!