The Universities at Shady Grove (USG) is a unique partnership of nine leading Maryland public universities on one convenient campus in Montgomery County.

USG’s innovative approach to higher education is designed to connect college students to outstanding career opportunities. Its 80-plus upper-level undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs – coupled with a full range of student services support services – are selected to reflect the current demands and needs of the regional economy.

Students looking to enroll in a program at USG apply directly to the university offering their desired program and follow that school’s admission requirements. On the application simply select Shady Grove as the preferred campus.

Students are taught by the same professors, take the same courses, and have the same curriculum as students enrolled in that program at their university’s main campus. Students take their classes at USG, but receive their degree from the university where they are enrolled.

The innovative collaboration between partner universities offers students the unique opportunity to participate in course-sharing. Several undergraduate programs offered at USG participate in a course-sharing agreement so students enrolled in one university program can take classes offered by another university at USG.

Choosing the USG campus means choosing quality, convenience, and affordability. Students at USG are held to the same high-quality admissions, academic, and graduation standards as students at the universities’ main campus, and benefit from additional scholarships, small classes and personalized support.

All undergraduate programs offered at USG begin at the junior (300) level. Students interested in attending a program at USG must complete approximately 60 credits elsewhere and then transfer. Representatives for each program offered at USG can assist students in learning about their respective prerequisites and admissions criteria.