Collaborative Learning Areas are designed to facilitate group work. Spaces can be modified to best suit your group's needs.

Breakout Rooms

Private study rooms are available in Building 3 and the Biomedical Science and Engineering Building (BSE). Reservations are strongly recommended.
Additionally, there are many open study areas throughout the BSE that feature large tables, whiteboards, and smart TVs to facilitate group collaboration.

Building 3 Building 4
  Ground Floor: G203
  First Floor: 1113
Second Floor: 2200 Second Floor: 2201, 2203
Third Floor: 3200, 3201, 3234 Third Floor: 3327
Fourth Floor: 4100, 4200, 4201

Fourth Floor: 4201, 4203, 4209

Fifth Floor: 5100 Fifth Floor: 5201, 5203

The Priddy Library Collaborative Work Spaces

The library offers students collaborative workspace and equipment to facilitate individual or group study needs. Features include but are not limited to, group study rooms, whiteboards, plasma TV screens, a Touch Screen TV monitor, and computers. 

Student Lounges

Student lounges are spread throughout campus and are available on a first come, first served basis. The student lounges in Buildings I and II are located on the Second Floor and feature several tables, chairs, sofas, and a microwave.

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are available for faculty and staff collaboration. Reservations are required

Building 3 Building 4
Third Floor: 3156 AFCEA Board Room Third Floor: 3201
Fourth Floor: 4124, 4156 Fourth Floor: 4137A
Fifth Floor: 5124, 5156 Fifth Floor: 5115, 5236