Infographic outlining the key steps needed to transfer to USG.

All undergraduate students at the Universities of Shady Grove (USG) are transfer students who have completed approximately 60 credits at another institution. Only 300 and 400 level courses are offered at USG, so students must complete their program’s lower level prerequisite course requirements prior to transferring.

Students interested in a program offered at USG should contact the program representative for their program of interest. Program representatives at USG are degree-specific representatives from the nine partner universities who specialize in helping students make a smooth transition from their previous institution to finishing their degree at USG. The earlier in your college career you get in touch with the program representative for your desired program at USG, the more seamless your transfer experience will be. Your program representative will be able to help you plan your first two years as efficiently as possible and ensure you have covered all of the necessary program prerequisites prior to transferring. If you’ve already earned an associate’s degree or have taken coursework elsewhere, getting in touch with a program representative is still recommended so you can work together to learn what courses you may need to still complete prior to transferring.


The Application Process

There is no separate application for USG. Students looking to enroll in a program at USG apply directly to the university offering their desired program and follow that school’s admission requirements. On the application, they simply select Shady Grove as their preferred campus.


USG at a Glance

USG’s location in Rockville enables local students to balance work and family life with academics.
USG gives students an opportunity to earn a degree from a Maryland public university while paying reduced living and facilities costs.
Student and academic services including internships, career advising, counseling, writing and study skills are all available on campus.
Students enrolled in programs at USG are eligible to receive scholarships from both their home university AND from USG.
USG is the perfect option for students seeking a smaller, individualized classroom feel. The average class size is 30-35 students.
Students at USG are sure to find their niche with 50+ student organizations and fun events on campus.