Whether you’re interested in completing your bachelor’s degree or want to advance your career with a graduate degree, the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) is structured to help you achieve your goals.


USG’s convenient location in Rockville, MD, allows you to enjoy the benefits of living at home, maintain family commitments, and keep current employment, while simultaneously earning your degree.


In addition to the financial benefits of staying local, students at USG also have access to more scholarship opportunities, reduced campus fees, and paid employment on campus. Undergraduate students choosing to complete the community college to USG “2+2 pathway” experience even greater savings on the overall cost of a 4-year degree.


Class sizes at USG are about 30-35 students on average. Classes are taught by distinguished professors from our nine partner universities, but the intimate setting allows for increased academic support, a more engaged student body, and professional relationships that extend beyond the classroom.


As a student at USG, you will interact not only with students from your university, but from all nine universities on the USG campus. Through campus events, student organizations, and our small campus setting, peers will quickly turn from classmates into close friends. Furthermore, all undergraduate students are transfer students, creating a unique bond as you motivate one another towards degree completion.


Students who successfully complete their coursework on the USG campus graduate with a degree from one of our nine partner universities. Through on-campus services such as academic coaching, career advising, internship preparation, personal counseling, and leadership training, you will leave the USG campus with the academic skills and real-world experiences needed for a successful career.

USG at a Glance


Average saved by completing the 2+2 community college to USG pathway versus the traditional 4-year pathway



Percent of students who apply for and receive scholarships



Percent of graduates working in the region in their intended career field



Students attend programs at USG each year; projected to be 7,000 by 2020


Students have earned degrees from programs offered at USG



Student clubs and organizations to get involved with on the USG campus