In addition to federal and state grants awarded on the basis of financial need, various private scholarships are available for students enrolled in programs at USG. These scholarships are created with contributions from private donors including the USG Board of Advisors, local businesses, foundations, community organizations and individual donors.


Scholarship Applications

USG Scholarship Timeline: The Fall Scholarship Application will be available as of March 1st.  The priority deadline to submit this application is June 30th and the final deadline is July 31st.

The Spring Scholarship Application is now available as of September 1st. The priority deadline to submit this application is November 30th and the final deadline is December 31st.



Institutional-Specific Awards

Institutional-Specific Awards have been designated for students enrolled in particular universities, each with their own criteria and deadlines.


2+2 Transfer Scholarship

The 2+2 Transfer Scholarship is designed to assist and encourage transfer student from Maryland community colleges to attend a 4-year institution within the State.  Students must be enrolled in an eligible accredited Maryland postsecondary institution.  

When and How to Apply

Students currently enrolled full-time or part-time as a degree-seeking student at a community college in Maryland.  Students are encouraged to complete a FAFSA application by March 1st for priority awarding. Complete and submit the 2+2 Transfer Scholarship application and all supporting documents by August 31st. Application is available in MD CAPS.   

For students who enroll in a science, teaching, engineering, computer science, mathematics, or nursing program, the award will be $2,000.  For all other students, the annual award will be $1,000. The award can be renewed for a total of 3 years of student, or six semester, whichever is longer.  For more information please visit:  

Maryland Delegate & Senatorial Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded by Maryland Delegates and State Senators to residents of their legislative districts.


State Financial Assistance Programs and Applications 

For more information please visit : Maryland Higher Education Commission

Third-Party Scholarships

USG External Scholarship Resources Guide

Graduate Student Professional Development Stipend Awards

Graduate Student Professional Development Stipend Awards can be used to fund costs directly related to one’s professional development (please note that these are not considered scholarships, and are only open to graduate students taking classes at USG). You can read more about this award and apply here

This scholarship honestly made me so happy. I thought to myself, it's great to see a reward like this. I also remember what my football coaches told me: 'when you do what you need to do in school, everything else will take care of itself'.
2016 Macklin Achievement Scholar