Getting Admitted to the University Offering a Program at USG

There is no separate application to attend a program at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG). Students looking to enroll in a program at USG apply directly to the university offering their desired program and follow that school’s admission requirements. On the application, they simply select Shady Grove as their preferred campus. Students are taught by the same professors, take the same courses, and have the same curriculum as students enrolled in that program at their university’s main campus. ​While students take their classes at USG, ​they still ​receive their degree from the university​offering their chosen degree program.

Students enrolled in programs at USG pay their tuition directly to their home university. Each university has their own unique tuition rates and payment structure. In addition, students pay USG specific fees (parking, facilities, technology) instead of their home campus university fees.

All undergraduate programs offered at USG begin at the junior (300) level. Students interested in attending ​an undergraduate​ program at USG must complete approximately 60 credits elsewhere ​prior to transfer. Representatives for each program offered at USG can assist students in learning about their respective prerequisites and admissions criteria for their program(s) of interest.



Financial Aid & Scholarships

Students who choose to complete their degree at USG can take advantage of several financial benefits:

  • Savings on total cost of 4-year degree: At USG, all undergraduate coursework begins at the junior level. Most undergraduate students complete their first two years of study at community college and then transfer to a degree program at USG. By following this "2+2" pathway, you will save substantially on the overall cost of a 4-year degree, including fewer service fees at the USG campus.
  • Reduced living expenses: Because all students at USG commute to campus, you can enjoy the financial benefits of living at home and maintaining current employment.
  • More scholarship opportunities: USG offers a number of scholarships available only to students who complete their degree on the USG campus. About half of those who apply for a USG scholarship are awarded one. These are in addition to scholarships that you may also be awarded from your home university.


How FAFSA works at USG

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is an application for undergraduates and graduates to receive federal grants, loans, and work-study funds from the U.S. Department of Education. Allocation of these funds are based on your financial need, as determined by the information supplied on the application. In order to receive financial aid, students must be U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents. Students may apply to FAFSA annually.

Students wishing to enroll in a program at USG and receive federal aid should fill out the FAFSA form by March 1st, using the code for their home university. Note: There is no USG-specific code.