The earlier a high school student considers their post-graduation pathway, the smoother their transition into college will be. The Universities at Shady Grove (USG), in conjunction with local community colleges, offers a unique option for earning a 4-year bachelor’s degree from a Maryland public university while saving money and staying close to home.

USG Student Ambassadors

How it Works

High school graduates enroll in a local community college to complete their first two years of study. This provides students with a chance to explore various majors and complete general education requirements while paying only a fraction of the cost of traditional 4-year universities.

After completion of approximately 60 credits, including the prerequisites specific to their program of interest, students apply to transfer directly to the university that offers their chosen degree program on the USG campus. Students at USG are held to the same high-quality admissions, academic, and graduation standards as students at the universities’ main campuses, but they benefit from additional scholarships, smaller class sizes, and more personalized support.

During the approximately 2 years at USG, students are taught by the same professors, take the same courses, and have the same curriculum as students enrolled in that program at their university’s main campus. Students take their classes at USG, but receive their degree from the university offering their chosen program.

Choosing the USG campus means choosing quality, convenience, and affordability. Students receive a bachelor’s degree from a leading Maryland public university at a fraction of the cost. When factoring in living expenses, student fees, and tuition, a student completing the “2 + 2 pathway” (community college + USG) can save upwards of $55,000 on the cost of their 4-year degree!

Student Life


USG at a Glance

Convenient Location

USG’s location in Rockville enables local students to balance work and family life with academics.

Cost Savings

USG gives students an opportunity to earn a degree from a Maryland public university while paying reduced living and facilities costs.

Support Services

Student and academic services including internships, career advising, counseling, writing and study skills are all available on campus.


Students enrolled in programs at USG are eligible to receive scholarships from both their home university AND from USG.

Small Classes

USG is the perfect option for students seeking a smaller, individualized classroom feel. The average class size is 30-35 students.

Fun Student Life

Students at USG are sure to find their niche with 50+ student organizations and fun events on campus.