The John and Effie Macklin Center for Leadership and Communication in collaboration with university partners at Universities at Shady Grove, empowers undergraduate and graduate students to build effective career-readiness skills through specialized programming, customized learning strategies and services, and disability support.


The John and Effie Macklin Center for Leadership & Communication offers comprehensive services to help students meet their personal, professional and academic goals. Need writing support or help practicing for an upcoming presentation? Looking for study strategies for classes and time management tools for your semester? Do you need to request accommodations for your disability? Want to become a better leader and/or become more engaged in the campus community? Make an appointment today by emailing us at usg-macklin@umd.edu. Click on the pictures below to explore our services and gain a better understanding of how to excel in one or more of these areas.

Writing SupportAcademic Success Planning
Disability SupportStudent Organizations

USG Values & Commitments

Deliver an Exceptional Educational Experience | Champion Equity | Practice Empathy | Dream Together | Always Learn | Collaborate to Reach New Heights | Deploy Evidence | Act with Ownership | Practice Sustainability | Just Jump

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

The John and Effie Macklin Center for Leadership and Communication is committed to providing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment to students of all identities. We are committed to supporting students in programs at USG of all backgrounds and to providing an environment in which all individuals feel welcome, included, and safe to engage with our staff and utilize our resources and services.