*Masks are to be worn at all times in the DSS testing spaces*

Disability Support Services Update: Our testing spaces will be open for students on a modified schedule. Please see the below dates/times for hours of operation. Students must follow USG's COVID Protocol in order to test at DSS. The USG DSS Testing Center will continue to implement wearing masks during testing at all times. Students should email the DSS manager at usg-disAbility@umd.edu for assistance.

Spring 2024: Testing will operate Monday-Friday from 10:00am-5:00pm (in person)


Welcome to the Macklin Center for Leadership & Communication Disability Support Services

The Macklin Center for Leadership & Communication serves as the Disability Support Services (DSS) offices here at USG and acts as a liaison between students at USG and their home campuses to ensure that they have access to their approved accommodations. The Macklin Center collaborates with faculty, students, and various staff members to implement accommodations at USG in a way that preserves confidentiality, equality, and integrity for all students with disabilities to ensure an accessible educational experience for students at USG.

The Macklin Center provides various accommodations to students with disabilities who are registered through their home campuses DSS offices. Students must first be registered through their home campus DSS offices in order to receive accommodations at USG. Once students are registered, specific accommodations are based on the documentation of the disability and personal interview with their home campuses DSS specialists. The Macklin Center is staffed with a Manager of Testing and Disability Support Services who will meet with students regarding: new student DSS procedure, current students using DSS, accommodation process, testing coordination, self-advocacy skills, academic coaching, and study strategies. The Macklin Testing Center provides testing accommodations to students who require individualized testing spaces, extended time, and other testing needs.

Getting Started

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Test Request Proctoring

The Macklin Center provides specific accommodations for students with disabilities while always updating accommodations as needed. Tests can only be provided for students registered with approved accommodations from their home campus DSS Offices.

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Additional Information

Please contact usg-disAbility@umd.edu for information regarding access to assistive technology, creating accessible materials, or implementing approved accommodations.

Disability Support Resources: Disability Support Services (DSS) at USG has created a web link for students, faculty, staff and community members to access campus and community resources for those with disabilities and/or struggling with personal, professional and educational challenges post COVID-19.