Welcome to the USG Disability Support Resources Page!

Disability Support Services (DSS) at USG has created this web page for students, faculty, and community members to access campus and community resources for those with disabilities and/or struggling with personal, professional and educational challenges during COVID-19. During this pandemic and beyond, DSS will strive to provide consistent and transparent peer support services from fellow students with disabilities, including sharing personal experiences and insights on how they are   managing during quarantine. This support will continue to be offered once USG campus reopens. 

Student members of the Zeta Sigma Honor Society for students with disabilities have worked hard with the USG DSS coordinator to create a list of resources for various disabilities that cover study strategies, time management/organization, mental health, medical disabilities and more. If you are interested in any additional resources, check them out below, and click on the red bolded hyperlinks to visit the resource pages!

COVID-19 Resources for people & families with disabilities

Learning Disability Resources for College Students 

Maryland Area Disability Resources 

Medical Disabilities

Maryland Area Mental Health resources