Policy on Use of Facilities

In order to provide an enjoyable experience during your visit and use of our facilities, we ask that all patrons demonstrate respect for others by adhering to all policies and by caring for the property.  The institutions of the University System of Maryland (USM) are encouraged to make their facilities available to community groups and other members of the public for meetings and other activities. However, as the USM Board of Regents policy makes clear, "permission to use a facility does not imply endorsement by the University or its institutions of the view or programs of the user."

The USM Shady Grove Center has the authority and the obligation to ensure that public meetings held on its premises are not disruptive or dangerous, and that organizations using university facilities have not engaged in proven illegal conduct. Nonetheless, it cannot exclude groups simply because their views or activities are controversial. As a public institution, the Shady Grove Center must be particularly sensitive to the constitutional rights of community groups that seek access to its facilities. We reiterate, however, that the mere use of our facilities by any organization, does not suggest the Shady Grove Center's approval of the group's philosophy, programs or practices.