Welcome to the heart of entrepreneurship and transformative leadership in Montgomery County. At the Lab for Entrepreneurship and Transformative Leadership, part of the Universities at Shady Grove (USG), we champion a powerful mission: to empower transformative leadership, foster career readiness, and amplify entrepreneurship both on campus and throughout Maryland. Our commitment is evident in our tangible economic impact and our dedication to mentoring not just our vibrant student community, but also the local entrepreneurs who shape our region. Whether you're a student, faculty, community member, or a local entrepreneur with a budding idea or an established venture, step into a space where your aspirations meet expert guidance and community support. Let's co-create the next chapter of economic growth and inclusive innovation together

Our platform, tailored for students at USG, Faculty, Staff, and the wider community, revolves around four cornerstone activities:

Interactive Panels & Discussions

Engage directly with successful entrepreneurs from diverse industries. These sessions, open to everyone in the USG community and beyond, offer firsthand insights into real-world business practices, hurdles, and successes

Workshops & Lab Office Hours

Dive into our comprehensive workshops covering a gamut of entrepreneurial topics. For those seeking personalized counsel, our dedicated office hours are perfect for both novices and established business minds alike. Whether you're part of USG or from the local community, there's always a seat for you.

Innovation and Business Development

We offer a variety of avenues to ignite and cultivate entrepreneurial spirit through activities like our signature Equity Incubator Program. From showcasing unique concepts to scaling established ventures, our programs cater to diverse business needs. Whether you're part of the USG faculty, a student, or a community entrepreneur, our platform is designed to empower and equip you, culminating in a significant prize that could transform or elevate your business journey.

Mentorship & Community Collaborations

We are forging connections with industry veterans, academic experts, and business leaders. This extensive mentorship network is readily available to you, guaranteeing the vital guidance your venture needs. Our aim is to link aspiring entrepreneurs and startups with seasoned business mentors dedicated to nurturing and supporting underrepresented local businesses.

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Through Marc’s teachings, in just 2 short months we were able to learn and implement key foundational principles that directly impacted our product market fit and go to market strategies which led to the successful launch and scale of Kitu life Super Coffee.
Jordan DeCicco, Founder & COO