Program Overview

Welcome to the Biological Sciences Program offered by the University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP)! This two-year transfer program enables students wishing to earn a B.S. in Biology to streamline their transfer from a community college or other four-year institution to UMCP, while taking advantage of the convenient location of the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) campus. 

With a focus on Physiology and Neurobiology, this program provides a solid foundation and satisfies many prerequisites for students preparing for medical, dental and pharmacy school, as well as a variety of allied health professional programs such as physician's assistant and physical therapy.  Additionally, it is ideally suited for those students planning on academic careers in teaching or biomedical research.  Students graduating from this program are awarded the same UMCP B.S. degree, as students who attend main campus (College Park). 

If you are dedicated to studying life sciences and prepared for rigorous coursework, then Biological Sciences is for you!





At Shady Grove, the small class size fosters participation and contribution from the diverse student body, which enhances the overall learning experience.
Elizabeth '17