Completing the Application

Students applying for admission to any one of the six University of Maryland College Park at Shady Grove program offerings must complete the University of Maryland application available here. Upon completing the application, students should review it thoroughly to ensure they are aware of all required policies, procedures and application requirements before submitting the application.  All students are required to submit a completed application along with official transcripts from each college or university attended, an essay, a non-refundable application fee and all other required documents.

Application Deadlines

Priority Deadlines

Fall: June 1

Spring: November 15

International students and students with non-U.S. credentials must use the Priority Deadline

Please note, admission to each of the three Robert H. Smith School of Business programs, the Biological Science program, and the Information Science program is for fall only. Missing information may delay or prevent the admission process.


Submitting the Application
Applications for admission and all other materials should be submitted online, by mail or in person directly to:

University of Maryland
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Attention: Shady Grove Admissions
Mitchell Building
College Park, Maryland 20742 
Phone: 301-314-TERP


Canidates for Transfer Admission must submit the following:

  • A complete application to the University of Maryland at Shady Grove.
  • Official transcript(s) from each college or university attended. Transcripts should be mailed, or sent electronically if possible, directly to the University of Maryland from the registrar of each institution. A final transcript must be sent upon completion of any coursework in progress.
  • An application essay
  • $75 non-refundable application fee
  • International applicants may have additional requirements

Admission Review Process

Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis once a completed application is received. While individual admission criteria vary within each program, all applicants must have completed the majority of their first two years of course work (approximately 60 credits) including fundamental English and Mathematics courses, and must meet minimum grade point average requirements.

Admission Decisions

Once an admission decision has been determined, applicants will be notified in writing. Admission offers may specify full admission or provisional admission as pertains to each individual applicant. All students offered provisional admission may later be offered full admission contingent upon their forwarding additional information or by fulfilling additional requirements as requested. Questions regarding admission status may be directed to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions in College Park at