Message from Student and Academic Services

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, USG buildings will not be open through May 31, 2020. Campus buildings will not be open to the public.

While the campus building will not be open during this time, USG staff are teleworking and providing access to services remotely until on-site facilities are reopened.

Our partner universities that offer programs at USG are preparing for the transition to the delivery of all course instruction through remote/online platforms, through the end of the semester. Students at USG should be in direct touch with their faculty and program directors from their home universities about their remote/instruction during this time.

USG's Student and Academic (SAS) Centers will be providing students with support services through various remote/online delivery formats. Until the campus buildings are reopened, and in-person classes resume, following is an update on the status of the services provided by Macklin Center for Academic Success.


  • Disability Support Services:
    • Contact your faculty member and/or your home campus disability support center for accommodation support for tests and other applicable services 
    • The USG DSS Testing center will continue answer questions related to testing accommodations and other disability-related needs. Students should email the DSS coordinator at for assistance.


The John and Effie Macklin Center for Academic Success (MCAS), in collaboration with University partners at Universities at Shady Grove, empowers undergraduate and graduate students to develop effective learning strategies, self-efficacy, persistence, and leadership through customized academic and disability support.




I'm delighted this service exists! It really helps me stay encouraged.
Nursing major (UMB)