All students registered for classes that are held on the USG campus are entitled to free and confidential services at the Center for Counseling & Well-being.  If you wish to make an appointment to see a counselor, please read the section below and/or call 301-738-6273.  You also may request an appointment online.  If you have questions about the Center's services, please call 301-738-6273.

Students are entitled to counseling services at the counseling centers on their home campuses, as well.  It is not advisable, however, to be receiving ongoing individual counseling services from two or more providers at the same time, even if they are at different agencies.  If you have questions about this practice, please contact the Center at 301-738-6273, or speak with your current counselor.

Available student services

Making an Appointment

Students interested in utilizing the free, confidential counseling services provide by the Center for Counseling & Well-being should first make an appointment for an initial Intake session.  The Intake session allows the client and counselor to discuss the issues and formulate a plan of action going forward.  To set up an Intake appointment, call the Center's main number at 301-738-6273, or request an appointment online.