Consultation Services

The Center offers two types of consultation services.  First, the Center for Counseling & Well-being is available for consultation to help think through a situation that is difficult and concerning.  For example, if you are dealing with a student that is being disruptive and are not sure whether to refer to the Behavioral Assessment Team (BAT), the Center can help you think through the options.  While most often these situations involve dealing with a student, the Center is available to consult on any psychological or interpersonal issue occuring at USG.

The Center for Counseling & Well-being also provides organizational consultation to groups or offices that may wish to examine and improve their dynamics and functioning.  These consultation services are often used to reduce conflict, improve morale, and/or enhance productivity.  Like counseling, organizational consultation services are free and confidential.

Please contact the Center for Counseling & Well-being at 301-738-6273 if you wish to speak to a counselor regarding our consultation services.

Outreach Services

In tandem with the Center's consultation services, the Center for Counseling & Well-being also provides outreach to groups and classes on a variety of topics.  Among the workshops the Center provides are ones that focus on the Center's services (e.g., what we do, how to utilize), how to handle difficult or disruptive students, stress management, and a variety of psychoeducational topics (e.g., internet addiction, Aspergers Syndrome).  If you are interested in having a counselor speak to your group or class about a particular topic, please call 301-738-6273 to speak with a counselor.

Crisis Management Services

Though thankfully rare, at certain times the campus or a department/office is affected by a tragic and/or traumatic event. Such circumstances often involve the death of a USG community member, but other situations involving loss (e.g., elimination of a department) can trigger traumatic stress.  Center staff are trained to assist others directly in their dealing with the subsequent stress from traumatic events.  The Center for Counseling & Well-being is also available to consult with departments or offices on the best ways to manage such crises, including determining any follow-up care the Center might provide.  To access the Center's crisis services, please contact the Center at 301-738-6273. 

Faculty/Staff Counseling

At the present time, ongoing counseling services at the Center for Counseling & Well-being are limited to registered students.  Faculty and staff who wish to talk with a counselor will, however, be able to schedule an initial (intake) session. Those faculty and staff who seek additional services will be referred to providers in the community.