Individual Counseling

When most people think of counseling, they usually picture talking one-on-one with a counselor.  Much of the treatment at the Center involves this type of format.  While the one-on-one mode is almost universal, there are many schools and methods of counseling used to help someone who is experiencing difficulties.  As you might expect, each counselor has their own particular ways of working with individual clients, and likely even tailor their process to the person with whom they are working.  The Center, however, does have a general philosophy in how best to conceptualize and treat its clients.  This approach takes a developmental perspective, acknowledging transitions, even difficult ones, as normal.  We work with a person's strengths, rather than only focusing on their difficulties. Students, at whatever age, are in a process of change and growth.  While exciting, this process is also stressful and demanding.  Sometimes the stress gets to be too much, and problems (personal and/or interpersonal) can develop.  Individual counseling at the Center works to discover and help resolve those issues that are interfering with your success and enjoyment in life.

Couples Counseling

Are you in a relationship where your partner doesn't seem to understand you, or perhaps even seem to care?  When the problem you're struggling with involves your relationship with a significant other, the best mode of treatment is usually couples counseling.  Couples in conflict, or under a great deal of stress, often have one or both partners blaming the other for something, making the other person out to be the "problem."  For the large majority of relationship issues, however, the problem is not with either individual, but with the way that they communicate and interact with each other.  Couples counseling, which most often involves having both partners in the room at the same time, doesn't try to affix blame, but instead sees the difficulties as problems in "the relationship," not as issues specific to one person.  The advantage of having both partners in the room is that the counselor can observe first-hand and treat the patterns of interaction that are keeping the relationship problems going.  When both parties can understand the issues and need to change, and they are both willing to take steps to make things work differently, the chances of improvement in the relationship increase dramatically.  If these are the issues with which you're struggling, speak with your counselor about couples counseling.

Individual Self-Enhancement Sessions

  • Trying to maximize your potential?
  • Want to enhance your relationships?
  • Searching for that competitive edge?

The Center's Self-Enhancement Sessions may be just what you seek. These skills-based sessions are designed to achieve tangible results (e.g., better concentration, less arguments, greater confidence), while promoting self-growth and understanding. Tailored to your individual needs, Self-Enhancement Sessions provide a structured opportunity to focus on improving yourself.

While related to counseling in the broadest sense, Self-Enhancement Sessions are different from traditional psychotherapy. Therapy is useful when there is a problem or situation that needs to be dealt with so the individual can get back on the right track. Working through negative thoughts, persistent anxieties, or overwhelming emotions is needed in some cases.

Self-Enhancement sessions, on the other hand, are designed for people who are already managing well but are looking for more out of life, or from themselves. Like having a personal trainer or mentor, your self-enhancement guide can help you determine the steps you need to take to get to where you want to be, and can support you on the journey itself.

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