Depending on the nature and severity of the issues you bring to the Center, you or your counselor may suggest that you seek a psychiatric consultation, with the possible addition of medications (e.g., antidepressant, anti-anxiety) to your treatment.  Until now, that meant finding a psychiatrist in the community, an often difficult proposition.

Starting in November, 2021, the Center for Counseling & Well-being is offering psychiatric services for clients being seen in counseilng at the Center.  These services are provided via telehealth by a local psychiatrist in private practice.  Center for Counseling & Well-being psychiatric services include:

  • psychiatric evaluation
  • diagnosis
  • prescription of medications
  • medication check-ins / follow-ups

Appointments are available on Fridays between 11am and 2pm.  If you are a current client of the Center and wish to be seen, speak with your counselor.  If you are not currently being seen at the Center, set up an Intake appointment to meet with a counselor and request a referral for psychiatry.  Again, your counselor may suggest you see a psychiatrist for an evaluation, a diagnosis, and/or prescription of medication.