The USG Center for Counseling & Well-being fosters learning, growth, wellness, and success throughout the campus community (students, faculty, staff, visitors) utilizing a comprehensive set of counseling, outreach, and consultative services.


The Center is located on the third floor of the Biological Sciences and Engineering Building (BSE, Building IV, Suite 3139). You can use this map to help you find the entrance to the Center once in the BSE.

Making an Appointment

Students interested in utilizing the free, confidential counseling services provide by the Center for Counseling & Well-being should first make an appointment for an initial Intake session.  The Intake session allows the client and counselor to discuss the issues and formulate a plan of action going forward.  To set up an Intake appointment, call the Center's main number at 301-738-6273, or request an appointment online


Perhaps the most important principle of counseling is that of confidentiality.  A client needs to feel that they can speak freely, without anyone else knowing what they said, in order for the therapeutic work to be effective.  The Center is vigilant when it comes to ensuring that what is said in the counseling session remains confidential, both in maintaining secure records (electronic and paper) and by not releasing information to anyone, even that the client has been seen, unless it is at the direction of the client.

There are, however, some circumstances where, as required by law, confidentiality must be breached by the counselor. These circumstances include:

  • when the client expresses an intention to imminently harm themselves and/or others
  • reasonable suspicion of the abuse or neglect of a child (or vulnerable adult)
  • court order

If the Center is legally bound to release information, the counselor will explain the situation during the session.  Counseling records are not part of a student's University records and will not be released under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).