The Behavioral Assessment Team (BAT) at USG is an active team of staff members who provide resource information helpful to other staff, faculty, and administrators dealing with distressed, disturbed, potentially disruptive, or otherwise problematic members of the USG community. The team is designed to provide information and referrals to those dealing with or concerned about these behaviors.  The BAT is NOT designed to deal with immediate threats or immediate crisis situations.  Assistance in immediate crises is obtained by calling the Montgomery County Police (911) and/or contacting the USG security desk at 301-738-6065.  The BAT will make referrals to home campuses, the Montgomery County Police, or any other outside entity deemed appropriate.  The Team is not an administrative, treatment or disciplinary body.  It does not adjudicate, discipline, or impose sanctions against any member of the campus community, nor does it provide or mandate treatment.