General Career Development Resources

LinkedIn Profile Review Lab (04/22/2024)
Mindset Matters: Navigating Hidden Barriers in Your Career Journey (02/16/2024)
Job & Internship Search Strategies: How to Leverage Your Network and Strengths (04/12/2024)
FALL 2023
LinkedIn Profile Essentials (9/7/2023)
Resume Summary Section (9/13/2023)
Applicant Tracking System & Resume Format (9/22/2023)
Resume Accomplishment Statements (9/27/2023)
Strategies for Job Seeking Workshop (10/5/2023)
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome (10/31/2023)
Power Up Your LinkedIn Profile (11/3/2023)
Salary Negotiation Workshop
Guest presenter: Erica D'Eramo
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Skills Match: Connecting Your Resume to a Job Description
Passcode: C8wRXi.g
Related Materials:  Deck from workshop