During our current closure, USG books may only be recalled by Priddy Library (not other borrowers). 
The same may not apply to books owned by other libraries. 
If you receive a recall notice, we recommend contacting the owning library for more information.


About Recalls

  • A "Recall" of library materials is when a borrower's loan is shortened due to need for the item.
    • This could be because the owning library needs it back, or it could be another individual has requested it.
  • A recall usually changes the due date to either 14 days from date of recall or the remainder of the current loan, whichever is shorter.
    • In the event that an item is recalled by a library, rather than an individual, this may differ.
    • Recalled items cannot be renewed.
  • Any item can be recalled at any time.
    • The library system sends out automated courtesy notices for recalled items. 
      • All automatic communications from the system are sent as a courtesy.  Failure to receive one does not constitute justification for failure to return an item on-time.
    • Borrowers can always check the status of their items using the My Account section of the library catalog.
      • All items' current due dates will appear on the "Items borrowed / renewals" section.
  • When books are recalled by individuals, the copy that has been on loan the longest is recalled first.