Financial Resources for Undocumented Students

When applying to different aid programs, keep in mind that citizenship requirements can vary. Some aid programs have citizenship requirements, but others do not. Before applying, make sure to review the eligibility requirements of each aid program to determine if it requires U.S. citizenship status. Search for merit-based scholarships because most merit scholarships don't have any citizenship requirements. 

For students who meet the federal aid program Citizenship Requirements, there are many other aid programs that are only available to them. Based on these federal requirements, international, undocumented, and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) students are not eligible to receive federal grants, federal student or parent loans, or need-based grants.

Casa de MarylandAll year long CASA provides critical services to immigrant and working-class families, and advocates for their rights. But our work is only possible because of the support of people like you; individuals who stand with immigrants and understand that providing services to those in need uplifts our entire community.

MHEC Aid Programs 

The citizenship requirements vary for aid programs from the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC).  Starting with the Fall 2019 semester, non-citizens who qualify for in-state tuition via the Dream Act and DACA provisions in Maryland's tuition residency requirements are eligible to apply for the following MHEC aid programs, but must still meet all application deadlines and other requirements.  

To apply for MHEC's Guaranteed Access GrantsEducational Assistance GrantsPart-Time Grants, and the Richard Collins Leadership Scholarship, login into the MDCAPS system and complete the new Maryland State Financial Aid Application (MASFAA).  Students with social security numbers (SSN) can also apply for these MHEC grant programs by submitting a FAFSA. 

Grant Deadlines:  To apply for these MHEC grant programs, you must submit your MASFAA or FAFSA by March 1st.

Students may also apply for MHEC's Cybersecurity Public Service Scholarship.

For MHEC's Delegate Scholarship, each delegate defines his/her own selection criteria.

For more MHEC information review MHEC's aid programs.


Scholarship Opportunities

Annually, LUPE Fund, Inc., offers scholarships to young Latinas who exemplify leadership within their university and community, while maintaining academic achievement. Attached to this email please find the application which you can download and complete. For additional information, contact

The Foundation was founded to support the educational endeavors of undocumented people. The Foundation features various scholarships, most of which are open to student from all states with the exception of the Juan Betancourt Rosas Scholarship. 

More Scholarship Opportunites 

Additional Guidance on Aid Options

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