**UPDATE: We are updating the Fall 2024 USG Scholarship Application application to align with the FAFSA Simplification process. The application will open later in March. We apologize and appreciate your patience.**


In addition to federal and state grants awarded based on financial need, various private scholarships are available for students enrolled in programs at USG. These scholarships are created with contributions from private donors including the USG Board of Advisors, local businesses, foundations, community organizations, and individual donors.

Scholarship Applications

USG Scholarship Timeline: The Fall Scholarship Application is available as of March 1st.  The priority deadline to submit this application is June 30th and the final deadline is July 31st.

The Spring Scholarship Application is available as of September 1st. The priority deadline to submit this application is November 30th and the final deadline is December 31st.

To apply for scholarships click on Apply for USG Scholarships below and sign in. Once signed in click on Start a New Application.

Please Note: Students must be enrolled in a course/program at USG to be considered for scholarships for the semester they apply. 


Feel free to email usg-scholarships@umd.edu

Most scholarship notifications will be sent out the second week of each semester, however, you can check the status of your application throughout the scholarship review process by logging into your student scholarship account. Thank you for your patience.


USG Scholarship Recipient Demographics At-a-Glance

(Data collected from the 2022 - 2023 Academic Year)

  • 62% of students are first-generation college students
  • 73% of students are either working full-time or part-time
  • 73% have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • 84% of the recipients are obtaining their 1st bachelor’s degree
  • 59% of the students attended a high school in Montgomery County
  • 89% are Montgomery County residents
  • 84% have completed coursework at Montgomery College
  • 16% of the recipients previously completed a bachelor’s degree
  • 75% identify as female, 24% identify as male, 1% prefer not to answer or identify as Non-Gender Binary
  • 36% of the recipients identified as Hispanic
  • Ethnicity: Asian = 19%, Black/African American = 29%, White = 30%, Other/Unknown = 22

Thank You Letter Information

To show gratitude and appreciation to our donors, USG requires that all recipients send a letter of thanks to their respective donors. Scholarship donors are generous and caring people who give to support the educational endeavors of students like you. Receiving a well-written thank you note from the student who received their scholarship is always special and lets the donor know how much you appreciate their support. Your note reminds them why they gave in the first place and often helps secure continuing gifts for future students.

Suggestions for your Thank You Letter:

  • Keep your letter to one page.
  • Convey your message in a clear and concise manner.
  • Use your resume as a reference. Work or research experiences, study abroad, involvement in student organizations or student projects are all good topics to include in your letter.
  • Proofread your letter. Make sure the donor's name and the name of the scholarship are correct. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes. Sometimes it is hard to proof your own work, so have someone else read the letter before finalizing it.

Please login to your account and attach your thank you letter, addressing the Donors listed on your award letter within 30 days of this notification. Failure to do so may impact the release of your scholarship.

Award Letter Example:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith: 

First paragraph: Explain why you are writing the letter. Be sure to identify your scholarship, home institution, and the program you are enrolled in. 

Second (and possibly third) paragraph: Tell the donor a little about yourself. You can briefly describe your research, any special programs or student organizations in which you participate, student projects, work experience, leadership experience, etc. You can also write about your plans after you graduate. 

Closing paragraph: Thank your donor again for the scholarship and let the donor know how much you appreciate their generous contribution to your education and to USG. 

Your Name, Typed

Institutional-Specific Awards 

Institutional-Specific Awards have been designated for students enrolled in particular universities, each with its criteria and deadlines. Please speak to your advisor for more detailed information.

USG $500 JumpStart Scholarship for Newly Admitted Students

USG is offering a $500 tuition scholarship to newly enrolled undergraduate students to “jumpstart” them into their academic program in the Spring 2024 semester.

The $500 scholarship will be provided to all new incoming, undergraduate students for Spring 2024, once they are registered. The program is designed for transfer students who enroll in at least nine credit hours in any of the undergraduate programs offered by our partner universities at USG.  

To be considered for this scholarship, students must meet the following requirements:

●   Be a Spring 24 newly admitted, enrolled student into an undergraduate program at USG.

●   Be registered for at least nine credit hours in the Spring 24 semester at USG.

●   Must have completed and submitted a USG Scholarship Application Extended Deadline: January 27, 2024

These special JumpStart scholarships will only be applied for the Spring 2024 semester and cannot be used for any other semester. Students are also eligible for other scholarships through USG and its partner universities.

Note: The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the Maryland State Financial Aid Application (MSFAA) are not required for this scholarship, but these applications are highly recommended for students seeking other available financial aid opportunities. We encourage students to visit their Home Institution Financial Aid Offices for additional information.

2+2 Transfer Scholarship

The 2+2 Transfer Scholarship is designed to assist and encourage transfer students from Maryland community colleges to attend a 4-year institution within the State.  Students must be enrolled in an eligible accredited Maryland postsecondary institution.  

When and How to Apply

Students currently enrolled full-time or part-time as degree-seeking students at a community college in Maryland.  Students are encouraged to complete a FAFSA application by March 1 for priority awarding.  FAFSA applications submitted after March 1 will be considered as long as funding is available. Complete and submit the 2+2 Transfer Scholarship application and all supporting documents by March 1 for priority consideration.  Applications and documents submitted after March 1 and before May 1 will be accepted if funding is available. The application is available in MD CAPS.   

For students who enroll in a science, teaching, engineering, computer science, mathematics, or nursing program, the award will be $2,000.  For all other students, the annual award will be $1,000. The award can be renewed for a total of 3 years of student, or six semesters, whichever is longer.  For more information please visit www.mhec.state.us.  

Maryland Delegate & Senatorial Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded by Maryland Delegates and State Senators to residents of their legislative districts.

State Financial Assistance Programs and Applications 

For more information please visit Maryland Higher Education Commission. The updated deadline for the MHEC application for the 24-25 academic year has been extended to June 1st.

Graduate School Scholarships

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Learn why scholarships—free money that you don’t have to pay back—are important and how to search for them to help you pay for graduate school.

Ways to pay for graduate school

This scholarship honestly made me so happy. I thought to myself, it's great to see a reward like this. I also remember what my football coaches told me: 'when you do what you need to do in school, everything else will take care of itself'.
2016 Macklin Achievement Scholar