Students in the Public Health Science Program will take courses based on the Four-Year Plan Template

The Public Health Science curriculum requires 120 credits for graduation. The courses comprising these 120 credits can be categorized into five areas:

Scientific Foundation (31 credits)

Certain mathematical techniques and scientific principles serve as a foundation for future study in Public Health Science. These courses cover the scientific concepts essential to advanced study in the field and are pre-requisites for admission to the Public Health Science program at USG. 

Public Health Science Foundation (35 credits)

In addition to the scientific foundation courses, the major also studies discipline specific courses that lead to advanced study in the field. These courses include, but are not limited to, the five core disciplines of public health (behavioral science, biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health, and health services administration) as well as kinesiology

Public Health Science Options (12 credits)

The Public Health Science option courses build upon the Scientific and Public Health Science Foundation courses.  The option courses are 300 and 400 level courses offered within the major. By choosing from these courses, students have an opportunity to customize their program. Students are encouraged to specifically choose courses that best align with a particular career goal. Option courses that have been offered at USG include:

  • Program Planning & Evaluation
  • Fundamentals of Health Communication
  • Maternal, Child & Family Health
  • Public Health Informatics
  • Food Policy & Public Health

General Education Requirements

All University of Maryland graduates are required to complete the University's General Education requirements. Through the General Education program, students acquire the knowledge and skills that result in a more well-rounded graduate. These requirements can be fulfilled by earning an Associate’s degree or are determined through a course-by-course review of a student’s transcripts from institutions previously attended.

General Electives

Public Health Science majors can choose several elective courses to complete their 120- credit graduation requirement. These electives are in addition to the Public Health Science Option courses and are offered at USG by the Public Health Science program. These courses can also be taken through other UMCP programs at USG or at main campus.   General electives can also be taken at any of the other eight universities at USG through intra-institutional course sharing.