The USG Graduate Student Association is currently on hiatus. If you are a graduate student who is interested in leadership opportunities at USG, please click here.


The USG Graduate Student Association (GSA) was launched in summer 2017 as a means of promoting awareness of the graduate and professional student population at USG; facilitating feedback between graduate students, USG, and our institutional partners; and increasing graduate student involvement in the USG community. The GSA is currently on hiatus: for information about graduate student representation at USG please visit the Student Leadership Advisory Council webpage.


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As a weekend student who was able to participate in GSA for the last 2 years, I found the experience to have been really important to my overall time at USG. During my time with GSA, I was able to engage with students and directors of other programs and universities. Being a part of GSA made me feel like I was rooted to a larger community. Although UB is my home institution, I now consider USG to be my school.
Heidi Kim '19, M.P.A., University of Baltimore