Applications are currently paused for the 2022-2023 GSA Executive Board. 


Board Member Positions

*** All board members are expected to attend monthly GSA meetings; participate in semesterly one-on-one meetings with the GSA Advisor; and complete timesheets, assessments, and surveys in a timely manner.  All board positions may receive a small stipend (assuming roles are successfully executed). The advisor will review and select applications for the executive board, and chair positions will be voted upon by executive board members.***

Institutional Representatives (up to six students; 15 hours per semester):

  1. Acting as liaisons between the graduate student body and the administration, gathering feedback and exchanging information
  2. Encouraging graduate student attendance at events
  3. Participating in related university-wide events whenever possible
  4. Serving on USG committees as assigned
  5. Assisting in the recruitment of new GSA members (when applicable)


Chair of Communications and Outreach (one student; doubled with an Institutional Rep. role; 30 hours per semester):

  1. Marketing and outreach for the increase of GSA membership and awareness, as well as for events and initiatives
  2. Maintenance of the GSA Facebook group, and possibly a monthly or semesterly e-newsletter
  3. Development and execution of at least one specific outreach strategy
  4. Membership on the USG Board of Advisors
  5. Overseeing the approval of graduate student organization funding and professional development support requests if applicable


Chair of Events and Initiatives (one student--doubled with an Institutional Rep. role; 30 hours per semester):

  1. Participation in and promotion of university-wide events, such as Involvement Fairs, Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week, and Graduation Celebration
  2. Participation in and promotion of GSA events
  3. Leading the efforts for at least one GSA-led event each academic year
  4. Membership on the USM Student Council (meetings are on Sundays)
  5. Serving as a liaison to the undergraduate USG Student Council

Minimum Qualifications

  • Must be enrolled in a graduate program offered at USG, taking a minimum of 6 on-site credits during the fall and spring semesters (appeals for exceptions will be considered)
  • Must have at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average in the program at the time of candidacy
  • Must be in good academic and judicial standing with their respective institution
  • Must have met with their program director, coordinator, or designated institution representative to declare their candidacy and have all of the qualifications above verified [repeat applicants are not required to meet with their program representative again, but they may do so if desired]
  • Strongly preferred: able to serve during both fall and spring semesters


Application components consist of:

  • Completion of the application webform
  • A statement indicating interest and describing a student's qualifications
  • Affirmation of endorsement or acknowledgment from the student’s program director or coordinator, which includes confirmation that the student is in good academic standing
  • Recommended: a resume or c.v.