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Payroll, W-4, Direct Deposit, Change of Address

  1. How to change my name/address?
  •  When an employee (including student workers) changes their address, they must notify the Office of Human Resources and complete the W4/MD (W4/DC or W4/WV) as applicable in order for Central Payroll Bureau to be notified of their address change.

2.  How to enroll in direct deposit?

3. How to change my W-4?

  •  The forms and instructions are available on this website. Please complete the applicable W-4 and submit it to the Office of Human Resources
  •  If you need assistance filling out your W-4, please see your financial advisor

Benefits, Retirement, Tuition Remission

  1. When do I need to turn in my benefits enrollment form?
  •  You must enroll in the benefit plans within 60 days from your date of hire. After 60 days you may only enroll during the open enrollment period. Enrollment forms are available in the forms section.

2. When will my benefits coverage be effective?

  •  Your coverage will be effective on the 1st day of the following month from your date of hire.

3. When will I receive my insurance cards?

  •  You will receive your insurance cards in 7 to 10 business days from your first deduction.

4. How to add a dependent to my Health Benefits?

  •  You must experience a qualifying event (marriage/birth of a child etc.) to make mid-year changes to your health benefits if it is not during the annual Open Enrollment Period.
  •  If the reason for adding a dependent is due to loss of other coverage outside of Open Enrollment, the employee would need to supply a letter from the insurer/employer on letterhead showing proof of the loss.

5. How to enroll in an SRA, Supplemental Retirement Account (Fidelity/TIAA-CREF)?

  •  You must choose a vendor (Fidelity Investments, Maryland Supplemental Retirement Plans, or TIAA-CREF) and a plan type [403(b), or 401(k) (through MSRP only)] and complete an enrollment package consisting of a vendor enrollment form, USM Salary Reduction Agreement, and USM Deduction Authorization form. The completed forms should be submitted to the Office of Human Resources at USG. Please note, the agency code for USG/UMD is 360222. Deductions are taken according to your pay schedule (i.e., 22 or 26 pay periods), so it is important to keep in mind when calculating deduction amounts to reach your contribution goal for the year. The enrollment documents can be found in the forms section.

6. What is the difference between Minnesota Life and Unum Life insurance?

  •  The University offers two life insurance plans. The Minnesota Life insurance plan is a term life insurance plan offered through the State of MD. You may enroll in this plan by selecting it on the State of MD Active and Satellite Employee Worksheet within the first 60 days of your employment, or during the open enrollment period held each year. This plan is not portable if you leave the University. The Unum Life Insurance plan is a University System of Maryland term life insurance plan. Like the Unum Long Term Disability plan, you may enroll anytime during the year. However, after your initial 60 days of employment, you must submit an Evidence of Insurability form along with the enrollment form. The forms are available on the University Human Resources website. This plan is portable if you leave the University. If you currently are enrolled in both plans, they are identified on your earnings statement as “TERM LIFE INS” (Minnesota) or “GROUP LIF INS” (Unum).

7. How do I get tuition remission?

  •  Only benefit eligible employees qualify for Tuition Remission. Application for UMCP campus request is completed online. An electronic form called "TR-ELF" is available on the ARES website. For all other USM institutions, please complete the paper form and submit it to the Office of Human Resources at USG.

8. What are the types of leave available to eligible employees?

  • For more information on the types of leave available to eligible employees, please visit here

9. What is the policy on coverage for an employee on maternity/paternity leave?

  • The plans for coverage for an employee on maternity leave is at the discretion of the Chief of that Division. 

Development & Training

  1. What is and how do I access it?
  •  All staff, faculty, and students have access to, an online subscription library that teaches the latest businesssoftware, and creative skills through high-quality instructional videos.  Topics include project management, public speaking, leadership, facilitation, and thousands more. Click here to login.

2. Where can I find information on training and learning opportunities that are being currently offered by HR?

  •  You will periodically receive information via email on training that is being offered and made available to employees at USG. You can also visit the training section of the HR BLOG for more information.

3. How can I register for a training course offered at UMD, College Park?

  •  You can register online at, which is a registration and tracking system. This system allows you to view, register, waitlist or cancel training, and even see your course history. It saves and uses a profile history you create the first time you log on, making future registrations a snap! The security and privacy of all transactions are ensured through the use of your University Directory ID and password.

Employment & Compensation

  1. What are the differences between exempt and nonexempt positions?
  • Nonexempt positions are subject to the minimum wage and overtime pay provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Nonexempt employees must be paid overtime for hours worked that exceed 40 hours in the standard workweek. Exempt positions are salaried positions that are not subject to the minimum wage and overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (i.e., executive, managerial, and professional). Exempt employees are expected to work the hours necessary to complete assignments on a schedule that satisfies the requirements of the job, typically a minimum of 80 hours in a bi-weekly pay period for a full-time employee. Exempt employees are not eligible to receive overtime.

2. How do I apply for a position?

  •  To be considered for any of the current vacancies available at the Universities at Shady Grove, please visit our Employment page and follow the instructions for applying for the desired position. Nonexempt positions require applicants to complete a general application online. The required documents for Exempt and Faculty vacancies can vary from position to position typically requiring a resume or cv, cover letter, and a listing of references. You must apply to each individual position that you wish to be considered for and only those applicants who apply online through the applicant tracking system will be considered for employment.

3. What happens after I apply for a position?

  •  The screening process may begin for some positions immediately or once the position closes to determine whether or not you meet the minimum qualifications for the position. If you meet the minimum qualifications, you will be certified to compete for the vacancy. The department/search committee will determine which applicants they wish to interview and will contact you directly. You may also contact any of our HR Team Members to learn the status of your application.

4. Who determines what my job title should be and how much I should be paid?

  •  The Classification Analysts in University Human Resources decide which job titles are appropriate for each job. This decision is based on all information contained within the Position Description Form. The information in that form, coupled with conversations with the supervisor of the position helps the analyst to make this determination. For exempt positions, the analyst also establishes the appropriate range of pay based on market data.

5. How do I request employment and income verification?

  • For all current and former staff and student assistants, requests for employment and income verifications are handled by Neetha Thomas in the Office of Human Resources. Please note, we do not do verbal employment verification. Any such request must be supported by a written release/consent form signed by the employee; without a consent form by the employee concerned, information cannot be provided. Please fax the verification and the consent form at 301-738-6140.

Staff Relations

  1. How do I find out whether or not my job is in a bargaining unit?
  •  Your supervisor and/or an HR team member can tell you if your position is included in or excluded from a bargaining unit by viewing your appointment detail screen in PHR.

2. What is meant by the term "probationary employee"?

  •  Each new regular employee, exempt or nonexempt, serves a trial period of employment designed to allow the university to determine if the employee has the necessary attributes and competencies to perform the essential duties of his/her position. Nonexempt regular employees new to the university generally serve an “original” probationary period of six (6) months. Exempt employees new to the university generally serve a probationary period of one (1) year. There are also different probationary periods that may apply as an employee moves to other jobs within the university.

3. Does USG have a formal policy on Time & Attendance?

  •  The core business hours of the Office of Human Resources at USG are from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm., Monday through Friday. However, individual departments determine specific work hours and reporting requirements of those work groups, and such hours may vary according to the business needs of the organization and the assigned duties of the individual position. For general USG hours, please visit our hours of operation page.

4. Does USG have a formal process to address employee complaints?

  •  Yes. USG has a formal process open to all regular employees. Regular employees who are seeking resolutions to workplace matters such as discipline or the application of procedures or rules over which management has control may use the grievance procedure.

5. How do I request disability accommodation and/or a piece of furniture ergonomic in nature?

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