USG recognizes the changing nature of its workforce and encourages ways to increase productivity while improving the quality of employee work-life and morale. USG offers its employees the opportunity to telework. However, since USG has so many varied types of employment, it is important for supervisors to assess when and how it is appropriate for employee(s) to telework and whether is an option for their particular position keeping in mind that certain positions are not suitable for flexible schedules. Please note, the supervisor reserves the right to deny or discontinue any telework arrangements.

The telework agreement and policy

Inclement Weather Policy

Safety of its students and employee is a big priority for USG. Therefore, USG administration endeavors to make any closure announcements in a timely fashion. In the event of inclement weather or other emergency conditions, closures and delay texts emails are sent over via the Omnilert system, as well as reported in local radio and television news stations. For more information on this and to sign up for USG campus alerts, please visit here.

Professional Development

The Human Resources Department at USG strives to provide professional and personal development opportunities to all staff and faculty. Successful, engaged employees are critical to achieving our mission.

Current training opportunities are listed on the USG HR BLOG

The USG Human Resources houses a variety of books that are available for employee use. Materials may be borrowed by any USG/UMD employee, and are available on a first-come-first-served basis by contacting our Team Member -  Nitshu Joshi at For more information on the articles and books available, visit our Resource Library.

E-Learning - Training That's Ready When You Are is an online library that teaches the latest business, software, and creative skills through high-quality instructional videos.

Retirement Benefits

Retirement is an exciting milestone for many, yet it requires a great deal of planning and preparation. Upon employment with USG, every regular employee must enroll in a retirement plan. Non-exempt employees must join the State Retirement & Pension System (SRPS). Exempt employees and faculty choose from the SRPS, a defined benefit program, or the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP), a defined contribution plan managed by either Fidelity Investments or TIAA-CREF.

For more information to help you plan for your retirement, please visit

To access the retirement forms, please visit the retirement and supplemental retirement account sections here

Leave Benefits

USG offers employees a variety of leave benefits designed to accommodate personal and professional needs. Please note, availability of benefits are based upon the category of employment and eligibility.

Paid Leave

Exempt Staff and 12-Month Faculty

  • Annual Leave - 22 days of annual leave per year (25 with the 21st year of service), available as accumulated. Maximum of 50 days can be carried into a new calendar year. This amount can be prorated based on FTE and/or appointment type and payment
  • Sick Leave - 15 days of leave available per year with unlimited accumulation
  • Personal Leave - 3 days available on the date of hire and at the beginning of each new calendar year. No accumulation


  • Annual Leave - Based on years of service
    • Date of Hire through 1st year   11 days
    •  2nd year                                   12 days
    •  3rd year                                    13 days
    •  4th year                                    14 days
    •  5th year                                    15 days
    •  11th - 20th year                        20 days
    •  21+ years                                  25 days
  • Sick Leave - 15 days of sick leave available as accrued with unlimited accumulation. Sick leave is paid leave granted to regular employees in an effort to provide some protection against the loss of earnings due to absences for certain health and related reasons. 
  • Personal Leave - Eligible employees are granted 3 Personal Leave days per calendar year, to be used for any purpose. Nonexempt requires prior approval of the supervisor; exempt requires the supervisor to be provided prior notification. Please note that only 12-month regular faculty earns personal leave. It is available on the date of hire and at the beginning of each new calendar year. No accumulation

Contingent II staff - Eligible for some paid leave. Annual leave must be stipulated in the written employment agreement (contract). Individual contracts shall address the terms of carrying over unused leave, with the exclusion of sick leave, or whether it should be forfeited.

Sick and Safe Leave 

The University recognizes the importance of achieving a healthy balance between work and family obligations and is committed to supporting our employees through certain measures to promote a "family friendly" environment. Therefore, in accordance with the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act, a paid Sick and Safe Leave (SSL) is available to eligible employees to be used under certain conditions. 

Holiday Leave

Holiday leave is a paid leave available to regular employees for the observance of certain holidays, in accordance with the university's official holiday calendar. Regular employees must be in paid status on the calendar date of the occurrence in order to earn the holiday. Contingent II employees are eligible for certain holidays.

Family Medical Leave Act*

The University recognizes the importance of achieving a healthy balance between work and family obligations and is committed to supporting our employees through certain measures to promote a "family friendly" environment. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) entitles eligible employees of covered employers to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons with continuation of group health insurance coverage under the same terms and conditions as if the employee had not taken leave.

Parental Leave*

The UMD Policy on Parental Leave for Staff is a family-friendly policy intended to help staff balance the demands of work and family following the birth or adoption of a child. It is a leave assurance policy that can provide eligible regular staff with at least one (10 year of service a period of up to eight (8) weeks of leave for the birth or adoption of a child under the age of six during the first six (6) months following birth or final placement for adoption.

Advanced Sick Leave (ASL)

ASL is a benefit offered to eligible employees who sustain a temporary, recoverable illness, injury or serious disability or are eligible for Parental Leave. 

Jury Service Leave

Jury service leave is paid leave that permits an employee serving jury duty to be absent from duty without loss of pay or without charges to the employee's accrued leave. Regular non-exempt and exempt, and contingent II employees are eligible. Upon request, the employee shall be responsible for providing documentation to the supervisor that verifies attendance. If after reporting for jury duty, it is determined that the employee's services are not required and the individual is dismissed for the day, the individual is required to return to the job (time permitting).

Leave Without Pay

A Leave of Absence Without Pay (LWOP) is available for personal, medical, military, or research purposes. Employees should consult with the USG Office of Human Resources for the policy and eligibility criteria.

To access leave forms, please visit the leave section here.

Please contact a Human Resources Team Member to determine your eligibility for specific leaves.

*Please note, plans for coverage on an employee on maternity/paternity leave is up to the discretion of the Chief of that Division.