Career Immersions are one day activities on-site at a respective employer location, providing students with an exploratory experience into the day in the life of a given organization. Career Immersions provide students with professional development experience and an in-depth understanding of the over-arching processes of a respective organization. A Career Immersion offers a level of exposure to companies that can attract students and motivate them to consider an internship or entry-level position.

If your organization is interested in hosting a group students for a career immersion, we can organize and customize that event for your business and recruit students to participate. Let our career professionals help you create an engaging career immersion experience that will be benefit both students and professionals.


Sample Itineraries

The format of a Career Immersion can vary depending on the schedule of the day and the employer’s availability. Most Career Immersions are 5-6 hours in time frame (i.e. from 10am-3pm or 9am-2pm), giving participants an opportunity to start their day before students arrive and end their day after the students have been dismissed. Below are some sample itineraries based on past Career Immersion events, along with suggestions for included content.





Specific Activities

As you may have seen in the sample itineraries, activities included in a Career Immersion can vary.  Recommended activities include:

  • Presentation/overview of the organization
  • Tour of the general facility and select department(s)
  • Allow students to break into small groups to shadow individual workers
  • Panel discussion with a variety of professionals working within the organization
  • Informal networking roundtable discussions
  • Presentation of internship and career opportunities

Benefits to Employer

What benefits do you gain as an organization for participating in a Career Immersion?

  • Spurring of interest in your industry among students
  • Development of a potential pipeline of candidates
  • Marketing and name recognition among the student community

Benefits to Students

Why do students choose to participate in a Career Immersion?

  • Explore a particular industry, career, or employer site
  • Gather information on an industry culture, lifestyle, norms, and expectations
  • Professional development
  • Networking and “face-time” with potential employers
  • Expert insights regarding strengths, challenges, and potential career trajectories in a particular field
  • Opportunity to learn more about internship and career opportunities


Students are not paid to attend a Career Immersion. The Center for Career Development generally sponsors transportation, in addition to, organizing lunch for student attendees and external employer participants.

Evaluation Process

Completed Career Immersions can be evaluated through:

  • Student Performance Evaluation
  • Survey of the Student Experience
  • Survey of the Employer Experience


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