At the Universities at Shady Grove, we understand that faculty, staff, and students attend to multiple obligations at work and at home. Therefore, USG offers comprehensive resources to help employees manage their competing work and personal priorities. We believe in fostering a culture that recognizes the importance of work-life balance, thus allowing employees to perform at an optimal level and achieve life satisfaction.

Suggestions to Help You Maintain a Work-Life Balance:

  •  Prioritize! Priorities are key in determining important tasks and people that need your attention and time
  •  Strive for meaningful achievements in work, family, friends, and self each day
  •  Schedule recurring activities you enjoy most such as spirituality, community participation, self-care, and more
  •  Learn to say "no"! Take on responsibilities that you know you have time to fulfill.
  •  Communicate with your supervisor(s) and help them understand the right balance for your life
  •  Be committed and accountable for managing your personal and professional plans
  •  Exercise and eat healthy to boost your energy levels and recharge
  •  Reassess your situation periodically and make appropriate adjustments