General Information

The USG EHS Unit strives to provide reliable and proactive services to the campus community. The unit provides support to laboratories for compliance with their home institution’s campus policies and procedures, state and federal safety regulations, as well as USG-specific requirements.  One of our goals is to support the integration of safety practices into the laboratory teaching and research settings. The unit establishes laboratory-related practices on the USG campus to foster safety and demonstrate compliance within the working and educational environments.

What Lab Safety Plans and Manuals Do I Follow?

Laboratories are to follow their home institution’s chemical hygiene plan, biosafety manual, lab safety guide, safety training, as well as obtain any needed institutional committee reviews/approvals for their teachings or research activities. The USG EHS Unit provides campus-specific support, and documentation of lab safety activities through the BioRAFT Safety Management Platform. This documentation includes identification of hazardous material usage through hazard listings, listing of biological materials information, designation of job activities, credit for safety training classes taken at the home institution, and managing the lab safety audit process.

How Can I Find Out More Information about Lab Safety on the USG Campus?

The links at the bottom of the page are resources to support laboratory safety. A Lab Instructor Safety Responsibilities Checklist and Lab Safety Orientation Guidance are included to help instructors and program staff to manage safety in the laboratory. If you have a question or concern, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.