Students can register online or in the office for parking for the spring 2023 semester. Once you have completed the registration process, your parking pass will continue to work if you are renewing your parking pass from a prior semester. However, if this is your first parking pass with us you will need to come to the TAPS office to pick it up. To avoid long lines during the first few weeks of class we urge students to come closer to the beginning of January when there are minimal lines.

When picking up your parking pass please park in Shady Grove Garage. You will need to push the button for a ticket at the gate to gain access to the garage. Before you leave the campus stop by the TAPS office and pick up your parking pass. The parking pass may then be used to exit Shady Grove Garage at no cost. Now that you have your parking pass, you will be able to access Shady Grove Garage and Lot 1, which are the primary student parking locations on campus. It is important to note that the ground floor of Traville Gateway Garage is always restricted to employee permit holders. If you pull a ticket and park beyond the gates at Traville Gateway Garage you will have to pay the hourly parking fee upon exit.

Purchase Parking Permit


Student Parking: Lot 1, Shady Grove Garage (Levels 2 - 6 of Traville Gateway Garage: M-F; 4 p.m. - 6 a.m. & all day on weekends)



2022 - 2023 Academic Year

Annual: $252 (Effective 8/1/22 - 8/20/23)

Fall/Winter: $126 (Effective 8/1/22- 1/26/23)

Winter Only: $64 (Effective 12/1/22 - 1/26/23)

Spring/Summer: $126 (Effective 1/1/23 - 8/20/23)

Summer Only: $64 (Effective 5/1/23 - 8/20/23)


Spring Payment Plan: Three (3) payments of $42.00. First payment due upon registration, remaining payments due monthly on March 10th and April 10th.