Due to the COVID-19 crisis, USG buildings will not be open to the public until further notice. While the campus building will not be open during this time, USG staff are teleworking and providing access to services remotely until on-site facilities are reopened.

Our partner universities that offer programs at USG are preparing for the transition to the delivery of all course instruction through remote/online platforms. Students at USG should be in direct touch with their faculty and program directors from their home universities about their remote/instruction during this time.

USG's Student and Academic (SAS) Centers will be providing students with support services through various remote/online delivery formats. The following is an update on the status of the services provided by the Center for Recruitment and Transfer Access:

Prospective Students:

  • Recruitment team continues to provide appointments and consultation using phone, email, and WebEx/Zoom video conferencing
  • Request general information about USG programs and resources

Transfer Access Programs:

  • Professional staff will continue to provide individual appointments and consultations using WebEx video conferencing
    • Schedule an appointment online following the standard TAP procedures


  • ACES Success Coordinator will continue to provide individual appointments and consultations using WebEx video conferencing
    • ACES students may contact the coordinator through email

Student Ambassadors:

  • Meetings and limited services to others will continue in a modified version
  • Ambassadors will be contacted via standard communication channels by the Senior Coordinator with ongoing information and updates


  • Career Coaching will be provided via WebEx, google hangouts, or phone for students in the CEO cohort.

ACES Career Readiness:

  • Current ACES students can request career readiness support in their individual high school ACES Google Classrooms. 
  • Career Readiness Staff will respond to students via UMD email accounts and phones. 
  • Career Readiness workshop content will also be provided on individual high school ACES Google Classrooms.


The Center for Recruitment & Transfer Access (CRTA) works closely with prospective students to provide seamless pathways to programs offered on our campus.

We frequently visit high schools, community colleges, and local organizations to share the benefits of USG and assist students in taking the next step towards continuing their education.

CRTA is also responsible for hosting several Open Houses at USG throughout the year, which present great opportunities for prospective students to experience our campus and learn more about their programs of interest.

Services Offered

One of CRTA's main initiatives is managing USG's Transfer Access Programs in conjunction with some of our partner institutions. Transfer Access Programs provide select students at Montgomery College (MC) with early access to USG's campus, the chance for guaranteed admission, and further scholarship opportunities.

CRTA also works with students in the Achieving Collegiate Excellence and Success (ACES) program. ACES, a partnership between Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), Montgomery College (MC), and USG, is a college completion program starting in the junior year of high school targeted at students typically underrepresented in higher education. CRTA provides valuable programming for ACES students, including a Summer Bridge Program for rising high school seniors and individualized coaching for ACES students enrolled in programs at USG.

CRTA additionally houses the USG Student Ambassador Program, a sought-after leadership opportunity for current students in programs at USG to hone their communication and marketing skills by assisting CRTA staff in recruitment of prospective students.