USG's Center for Career Development is here to assist you in the career-related work you do with students. We offer consultation services for faculty and staff at USG who are seeking career related guidance, information, resources, or tools for their student cohorts.  Through collaboration with the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE) and other professional organizations, our Center has a variety of resources on national standards, best practices, industry trends, and the latest tools which can provide guidance on career development for the USG community.   

Center Liaisons

Faculty are encouraged to reach out to our Center Liaison's as listed below for any related needs, concerns, questions, resources, or opportunities for collaboration. These liaisons provide a connection with the groups listed below to share information and resources, identify best practices, and advocate for student popuations at USG. 

  • Liaison to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion -  Clara Fuller,, 301-738-6028
  • Liaison to Student Council, Student Clubs & Organizations - Erin Steiner,, 301-738-6287
  • Liaison for Graduate & Professional Students - TBD/Vacant
  • Liaison to Disability Support Services -  Erin Steiner,, 301-738-6287
  • Liaison for Special Populations (Veterans, LGBTQ+ community, Women, Minorities & International Students - Vacant/Assistant Director

Faculty Resources

  • Syllabus Statement - Faculty are encouraged to include the statement below in their course Syllabi each semester.  This information is intended to educate students on the career readiness support services available to them; and to encourage student engagement in the career planning process. 
Career Readiness Support for Students: USG's Center for Career Development provides a variety of career readiness support services for students as a means of connecting their curricular (in class) and co-curricular (experiential and out of class) learning experiences.  Through these services, the Center seeks to provide students with meaningful career paths, connections to the regional business community, and opportunities to develop the career competencies needed to succeed in the workplace.  For more information, please contact the Center at or visit
  • Resume and/or Interview Clinic: Time set aside to see students one-on-one for 20-30 minutes outside of class. Students sign up in advance for time slots and reviewers offer students feedback on resume content or interviewing techniques. Please note: at least two-months advance notice is required to schedule a clinic.
  • Extra Credit for Event Attendance: Students attend an event outside of class time. Our Center provides professors with a sign-in list of those who attended.