Get Connected! 

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Join the USG Connects Career Consultant Program and seek expert career guidance from local Montgomery County professionals either through informational interviews, career consulting, mock interviews, and/or creating networking connections. You may engage in one session a semester or take the opportunity for two or more sessions during a semester.

 Joining is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Application takes less than 2 minutes. 
  2. Mentor Program Manager will make the match based on needs and interests and make the introduction.
  3. You will reach out to your match and schedule first session.

Benefits are limitless...

  1. Skill Building (career & self-development, communication, critical thinking, leadership, professionalism)
  2. Guidance (career, academic, personal)
  3. Network Building (professionals, associations, affinity groups)

Consulting sessions you can request: 

Informational Interviews – Get valuable insight into industry opportunities, industry trends, and general career advice. Learn about your consultant’s background, professional roles, and experience in the sector. 

Career Consulting – Get career-related guidance regarding your designated industry of choice.  Specific areas for advice may include industry-specific career pathways, industry trends, and internship or job search strategies.  

Mock Interviews – Engage in “practice” interviews to help you refine your interviewing skills. 

Creating Your Network  – Learn how to expand your professional networks in the designated industry, identify professional organizations or affinity groups to join, or identify networking events to attend.  Creating connections can lead to opportunities for career exploration, internships, or even employment.