Dr. Stewart EdelsteinAs she stepped into her post as executive director of the Universities at Shady Grove in October, Dr. Anne Khademian also launched a new chapter in USG’s history with her own launch of a weekly video podcast.

Entitled “This is USG,” the podcast series features Dr. Khademian’s discussions with students, staff, and faculty and alumni of USG’s partner universities, as well as with university, community and business leaders within USG and the greater community.

“The video podcast gives me the opportunity to learn about the incredible assets and opportunities that the Universities at Shady Grove is providing for students and all those we serve, and to share that great story with the greater community,” says Khademian.

“It’s an especially effective vehicle for communicating at a time when our on-campus activities are so limited and we are providing services remotely, due to the continued challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic,” she added. “With each episode, I gain a greater appreciation of the impact that USG is having on so many people and I hope others who are tuning in will do the same.”

Each episode of “This is USG” is posted on the USG YouTube page and is highlighted on the website.