Nomination Period: Nominations for the 2024 Kendall Awards are now closed.

Eligibility: Partner staff members who have served at USG for at least two years and who have a significant leadership role in their academic program. This includes, but is not limited to, Program Directors, Associate/Assistant Program Directors, or Site Coordinators.


  1. Supports student success and achievement of academic goals, and works to enrich the USG campus.
  2. Fosters innovation and access to resources for the improvement of teaching and learning at USG.
  3. Advances the educational and career goals of students through professional development opportunities, internships, and job placement assistance.
  4. Enhances the professional development, instructional, and leadership skills of faculty.
  5. Maintains strong connections for students to resources at both main campus and USG.
  6. Has not won a Kendall Service Award in the last 5 years (view past award recipients).