Welcome to the wireless network at Shady Grove. This service is offered at no charge to students, faculty, and staff. Students, faculty, and staff are expected to comply with the Guidelines for the Acceptable Use of Computing Resources.

Wireless Networks

USG (formerly SKYNET)

The Universities at Shady Grove offers a secured wireless network named USG (formerly SKYNET), which utilizes WPA2 / WPA encryption technologies.  To access this service, students, faculty and staff affiliated with USG will need an active USG Logon ID and will be prompt to utilize these credentials for authentication. 

IMPORTANT - As of Sunday July 30th, the wireless network, SKYNET will no longer be available.  Instead, all USG-affiliated students, faculty and staff should be connecting to USG.

For instructions on getting your device connected to the wireless network, please see the links below.


The USG IT Service Desk can assist with your USG Logon ID and any questions you may have regarding getting connected to the USG wireless network. Please contact us by:

E-mail: usg-itservicedesk@umd.edu
Phone: 301.738.6363


The Universities at Shady Grove is a Service Provider for the EDUROAM (education roaming) secure wireless network for international research and education community.  Contact your home institution technical support to determine if you have access to this wireless network and how to authenticate it. 

NOTE: The Universities at Shady Grove has enabled EDUROAM access on the first floor of the Shady Grove Garage.


For authentication issues, contact your home institutions' technical support team. 

USG-Visitor (formerly GROVE)

The Universities at Shady Grove offers open, temporary, ad hoc wireless network access for all visitors and guests not affilliated with USG.  Please be aware connections to USG-Visitor will be automatically dropped without notice after 60 minutes of usage.

IMPORTANT - As of Sunday July 30th the wireless network, grove, will no longer be available.  Instead, all users not affiliated with USG may wirelessly connect to USG-Visitor.

NOTE: We strongly encourage current students, faculty and staff at USG to connect to the "USG" wireless network for a secure wireless connection and access to all campus resources.

Please contact us at usg-itservicedesk@umd.edu or call 301.738.6363 for additional support.