Program Overview

Salisbury University’s B.F.A. in Art, Graphic Design track is rooted in fine arts with a concentration in digital design. Students will take courses in web design, user-experience design, package design, branding, illustration and more.

The program also offers a great deal of opportunities for our students to gain practical experience within the field of graphic design.

Students enrolled in the program will:

  • Be given the opportunity to learn from leading industry professionals and guest speakers
  • Be a member of the SU Graphic Design Agency, where they will learn professional practices and engage in client-based projects and civic engagement
  • Complete a semester-long internship with a design agency or marketing firm, so that they can truly experience the design profession
  • Participate in our capstone senior portfolio event to display their work to peers and professionals alike

The aforementioned practical experiences allow our students to not only learn about graphic design as a profession, but also be able to move into the workforce with confidence. Upon program completion, our graduates can gain employment as creative directors, brand strategists, user-experience designers and web designers just to name a few.

Program Requirements

  • Overall GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • A strong background in the arts is required for program entry. Some of these requirements are as follows: art history, drawing, 2D design principles, graphic design, and photography, etc. Substitutions may be available if you have not completed certain requirements.
  • Portfolio submission is required, but it will not be used for the purposes of admission. We will only use your portfolio for future assessment of your work at Salisbury University.

Two-Year Course Sequence

USG - Year 1 / Fall Semester

  • ART 326: Graphic Design II
  • ART 312: WWW Web Design or Free Elective
  • ART XXX: Rotating Art History
  • ART 328: Illustration or Free Elective

USG - Year 1 / Spring Semester

  • ART 426: Graphic Design III
  • ART 381: User Experience Design or Free Elective
  • ART 299: Sophomore Seminar*
  • ART 355: Digital Imaging or Free Elective

USG - Year 2 / Fall Semester

  • ART 491: Internship
  • ART 495 Graphic Design Agency
  • ART 359: Advanced Digital Photography or Free Elective
  • ART 313: Interactive Animation or Free Elective

USG - Year 2 / Spring Semester

  • ART 382 Advanced Web Design or Free Elective
  • ART 499: Senior Exhibition
  • ART XXX: Rotating Art History
  • ART 490: Independent Study
  • ART 397: Professional Practices or Free Elective