About the Criminal Justice Minor Program

The Minor in Criminal Justice offers non-CCJS majors at Shady Grove the opportunity to learn more about the criminal justice system and the challenges it faces. Students who complete the minor will be have a better understanding of how the criminal justice system, including police, courts, and corrections, operates, its strengths and weaknesses. Students will also be exposed to emerging topics such as forensics, homeland security, elder abuse and human trafficking. The minor will focus on the criminal justice system, primarily as it operates in the United States.

Why Criminal Justice?

  • Everyone, regardless of major, interacts with the criminal justice system.
  • UMD at USG students no longer need to wait until the last minute to gain entry into CCJS courses.
  • Experience a more cohesive introduction to criminal justice-related topics.
  • Become better educated and well-rounded members of your communities.
  • Connect criminal justice concepts to your primary program of study and make yourself more valuable to potential employers.

Program Requirements

  • CCJS301 - Fundamentals in Criminal Justice (this can be waived with prior completion of CCJS100)
  • Criminal Justice requirement (select at least two):
    • CCJS340
    • CCJS342
    • CCJS345
  • 9 additional CCJS elective credits at 300-400 level from approved list
  • 18 credits TOTAL
  • Courses must be completed with a C- or higher