Completing the Application

Students applying for admission to any one of the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) program offerings must complete the admission application specific to their program. Upon receipt of an application, students should review it thoroughly to ensure they are aware of all required policies, procedures and application requirements. While each program application criteria varies, all students are required to submit a completed application along with official transcripts, a nonrefundable application fee and all other required documents.

Application Deadlines

While each academic program has its own priority deadlines for admission (see program application for specific deadlines), students interested in applying to attend one of the program at the USG campus may begin their application process during the Fall USG Undergraduate Open House one year prior to the intended semester start. While complete applications are preferred and are necessary for final admission into a program, students may submit individual application components (official transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.) as is necessary. While Towson at USG staff will provide guidance and assistance, students must ensure that all required application materials are submitted for review. Missing information may delay or prevent the admission process.

Submitting the Application

Applications for admission should be submitted online after consultation with the Towson University Program Coordinator using the application designed for this program. Students will need to submit qualifying SAT, ACT or PRAXIS I scores in order to receive the password to apply. For more information, and to obtain the application password, please contact:

For ECED information:
Dr. Judith Guerrero, Program Coordinator, at 301-738-6085 or
Kim Casimbon, Site Coordinator, at 301-738-6062 or

For EESE information:
Jennifer Schnur, Program Coordinator, at 301-738-6066 or
Kim Casimbon, Site Coordinator, at 301-738-6062 or

Admission Review Process

Upon receipt of an application, staff will log all documents received and review each application to ensure all required materials have been submitted. Once an application is complete, program staff from the respective home institution will review it within 30 business days. USG and/or institutional staff will contact students with any questions or if any further information is needed. While individual admission criteria vary with each program, all applicants must have completed the majority of their first two years of course work (approximately 60 credits) including fundamental English and mathematics courses, and must meet minimum grade point average requirements.

Admission Decisions

Once an admission decision has been determined, written notification will be forwarded to each applicant. Admission offers may specify full admission or provisional admission as pertains to each individual applicant. All students offered provisional admission may later be offered full admission contingent upon their forwarding additional information or by fulfilling additional requirements as requested. Questions regarding admission status may be directed to Center for Student Engagement and Financial Resources USG staff.