Hire U at USG

Hire U is all about creating career-ready students and graduates here at the Universities at Shady Grove. It’s a career-readiness initiative that puts Montgomery County students on the right path by preparing them for real-world opportunities. Hire U leverages strengths and improves skill sets by highlighting 9 key career competencies. They’re all tools to help build the best graduates. And the best graduate—is the one you’ll hire.

The Hire U initiative is a value add for students coming to the Universities at Shady Grove that will give them the skills to be career-ready upon graduation and distinguishes our graduates from other regional institutions of higher learning.

The Hire U at USG Program consists of the following three steps:

3 Steps to Hire U



What are the benefits to EMPLOYERS?

Students at USG graduate career-ready

Hire U makes the connection between competency development and career readiness clear to students - it provides the why - so our students are more liklely than those from other institutions to attend competency building activities and graduate career-ready.

Demystifies competency development

Hire U educates students on critical aspects of career readiness by organizing these key experiences around a framework that is easy to understand and articulate. So students learn how to develop into a competent professional regardless of starting point or social capital. And Hire U goes one step further, in helping students clearly articulate their competency development to employers.

Graduates of programs at USG are unique

Our Montgomery County educational pathway shared competency initiative is unique to the nation and a value-add for regional employers and our graduates.

How can you contribute?

Engage in competency development activities on campus

Employer engagement with on-campus activites through Hire U is welcome! It benefits students and introduces them to your business.

Host an event

Students can tour your local facility, learn more about the professionals working there, and get Hire U points for attending the event. Simply email USG-HireU@umd.edu for more details to create an event customized to your business.


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