A virtual internship is an opportunity to host a student intern where the majority or all of work will be conducted remotely.  Virtual interns can be hired to work on a project basis for a series of hours (10-15 hours), a number of weeks (8-10 weeks), or for an entire academic semester or longer.

If your organization is interested in hiring a student to work remotely, we can help you customize that virtual internship for your business and recruit the student to participate. Let our career professionals help you create a virtual work experience that will be benefit both the student and host.


What are the employer advantages of having an virtual intern?

  • Larger applicant pool. Hiring a virtual intern allows you a broader choice of candidates. No longer are employers limited to only those interns who have availability to work during typical business hours.
  • Help only when needed. For small businesses who wonder whether they have enough work to support a full-time internship program, a virtual internship makes it easy to utilize interns on a per-project basis.
  • Space and equipment savings. Since virtual interns don’t work at your office, you don’t have to allocate additional workspace.
  • Test-drive the talent. It's a human resources reality: A new employee makes a solid impression in the interview, but then just doesn't gel with your current team or your company's way of doing things. Because of this, hiring someone as an intern is the most effective way to evaluate their skills and potential as an employee. 
  • Enhance perspective.  New people bring with them novel perspectives, fresh ideas, and specialized strengths, and skill sets. These augment the abilities of your professional workforce.
  • Gain brand advocates. Hiring an virtual intern helps spread the word about your company.


Sample Projects

Social Media Presence Optimization / Marketing Projects
  • Update, optimize and manage company website and social media profiles
  • Expand a company’s on-line presence
  • Assist in drafting marketing activities
  • Comparison research

IT-Related Projects

  • Help define business and user needs and processes; identify solutions
  • Participate in requirements analysis; help design applications based on system requirements
  • Help build enhancements within existing applications
  • Support implementation of software application changes

Researcher / Program Development Projects

  • Complete research assignments
  • Draft one-pagers or letters of interest on assigned areas
  • Create an online presence for an existing program
  • Cost/benefit analyses

Virtual internships are not limited to the sample projects list.  Projects can be created to meet individual employer needs.


Benefits to Employer

  • Completion of designated projects or “deliverables” for employer
  • Spurring of interest in a particular industry among potential employees
  • Development of a potential pipeline of candidates from qualified applicants
  • Marketing and name recognition among the student community
  • An opportunity to collect new perspectives and ideas from students regarding processes, organizational branding, and more
  • An opportunity to obtain needed support in a flexible, virtual manner which does not require physical facilities, equipment, or on-site supervision

Benefits to Students

  • Explore a particular industry or career path
  • Gather information on an industry culture, norms, and expectations
  • Industry-specific experience
  • Resume development
  • Professional development
  • Networking with a potential employer
  • Expert insights regarding strengths, challenges, and potential career trajectories in a particular field
  • Opportunity to work in a remote manner which offers flexibility and accommodates a student’s other responsibilities


Virtual internships should be equitably paid based on hours worked and typically do not qualify for academic credit. See additional Best Practices for Internship Programs.

Evaluation Process

  • Presentation of Completed Deliverables
  • Student Performance Evaluation
  • Survey of the Student Experience
  • Survey of the Employer Experience


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