This spring, the Universities at Shady Grove is launching a major advertising campaign to build awareness of the campus and the nearly 80 undergraduate and graduate degree programs offered by USG’s nine Maryland university partners.  The awareness campaign will include external transit advertising on Ride On buses that run throughout Montgomery County, and a cable TV/streaming video channel ad campaign, along with social media and digital marketing.

With an emphasis on how USG and its university partners focus on getting students ready for career success, a new 30-second video ad highlights the assets of the USG campus and closes with the question: “Are you ready for the Universities at Shady Grove?.” 

A second ad being featured this spring highlights how students can earn a bachelor’s degree, affordably and conveniently, at USG through the “2+2” pathway – by  transferring from a community college or another college into one of the many undergraduate programs offered at USG by its partner universities.

The new Ride On bus ads will showcase photos of individual students from various fields of study at USG and feature the phrase: “Ready for Career Success.” The bus ads are scheduled to hit the streets by May 1 and will be on display throughout the year.

We welcome your feedback on USG’s new awareness campaign and we’d love to hear when and where you see any of our ads. Please email us at to share your input.

Bus ads